Stop Snoring Now with Snoremate!

SnoreMate® is a specially designed mouth guard that is worn during sleep to prevent snoring. It is easy to fit and is highly regarded as being the most effective way to eliminate and stop snoring.

How does it work? SnoreMate® works by gently and comfortably holding your lower jaw in a slightly forward position while you sleep. This opens the airway in your throat, thus minimising the vibrating of the soft palate at the back of the mouth which is the common cause of snoring. Customers have been using SnoreMate mouthpieces since 1999 to help them stop snoring and the product enjoys a success rate of 84% 

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Dentist Recommendation

"I promote SnoreMate® for the following reasons: It is easy to adapt to, it is comfortable to wear and it promotes good breathing habits."

Dr Paul Pallet - Bch.D.(Pret) Bsc. Dent (Wits).


What SnoreMate Users Are Saying...

SnoreMate® has changed my life, I am sleeping better, my wife is sleeping better. I have more energy and no longer drop off at my computer screen.  I would recommend anyone with a snoring problem to try it 

Jim Ross-Tomlin UK
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